Room Divider

Tips For Choosing A Room Divider

Room dividers are designed to partition spaces within a home. They provide a wide range of uses, including creating dressing areas in the bedroom, separating reading/working areas, or splitting play areas for kids. If you live in a studio apartment, you might want to partition it into different rooms for privacy. Here are tips to consider when looking for room dividers.

Tip 1: Materials Used

Good room dividers are made from different materials that you can choose to fit your home décor. Here are some of the materials for different styles.

  • Use wood or bamboo room breakers for a Zen-like environment.
  • Use dividers printed or engraved with glass for a more contemporary style
  • Use rice paper room breakers for oriental-style home décor. They’re also perfect for rooms with poor lighting.
  • For a modern touch, use fabric room dividers with wooden frames
  • Choose shutter-style dividers if you’re looking for additional privacy and a rustic style décor.

Tip 2: Style of the Room

You can buy the most elegant room divider in the market, but if it doesn’t match the style of the room, no one will notice its elegance. Before settling for a room breaker, keep in mind the color of your room walls, your furniture style, the pattern of your curtains/blinders, and the overall home décor. This will help you choose a divider that fits perfectly into your space.

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Tip 3: The Area You Want to Cover

The type of room divider you choose will also highly depend on the area you want to cover. Most models range from 3 to 7 panels and can be used for numerous purposes. However, it’s essential to measure the length of the space and keep in mind the height you want before settling for a standard size room divider.

If you’re looking for flexibility, buy a room breaker of about 5 to 7 panels as they’re easier to form any desired shapes. You can even get a more flexible model that you can fold into a walk-in wardrobe, form a semicircle, or a storage unit.

Some room dividers can also be used as headboards, with some versions coming with a built-in lighting system. However, if this is what you plan to do with a divider, make sure it corresponds to the width of your furniture; otherwise, it will look out of place or forced.