Chest of drawers

How to Choose the Right Chest of Drawers For Your Bedroom?

A chest of drawers is known by different names, such as a closet chest, hanging chest, or a wardrobe chest. A chest of drawers, which also called a wardrobe chest, is a type of bedroom furniture that has many vertical, flat drawers usually spaced one above another. Chest of drawers can be found in different styles and sizes. The materials used to manufacture these chests range from simple wood to metal and plastic. The styles include contemporary, antique, rustic, Victorian, and traditional.

Furniture buyers looking for chest of drawers online can make use of several online directories that offer a wide selection of furniture pieces. These online stores have different collections ranging from bedroom furniture sets, small furnishings, corner furniture sets, living room furniture sets, and even office pieces. They also offer free shipping and delivery service for selected items. By browsing through their online gallery, homeowners will find several types, colors and sizes of wooden chest drawer. This furniture piece makes ideal storage space for clothes, shoes, old furniture, books, jewelry, antiques, holiday decorations and so much more.

For homeowners who prefer a more classic and simple look for their bedrooms, contemporary or minimalist chest of drawers will be the perfect choice. It does not have intricate detailing and embellishments and is designed to fit in with any decor. With a minimalist design, it gives the room a clean and uncluttered appearance. It exudes a sense of minimalism and neatness. Contemporary designs are usually sleek and simple and do not require too much decoration to achieve an overall elegant effect.

The standard width of a chest of drawers is seven inches and it can come in half round, half square or queen flat styles. Its measurements can vary depending on its style and the preferred interior placement. It can also come in different heights depending on the preferred bottom portion or its full width. A chest of drawers with a full bottom and one half to two inches depth of drawer makes a great bedside table for reading or sewing, while a half-height drawer of four inches to five inches in depth is a good option for placing decorative items on the top.

There are different types of materials that are used to manufacture these chests of drawers such as solid wood, veneer, laminated wood or a combination of wood and metal. Solid wood is the most expensive type. Though some veneer chests of drawers also come with faux panels and are cheaper than real wood ones. Laminated and combination pieces of wood to make a cheaper yet durable storage space for clothes and linens.

A chest of drawers is an ideal furniture piece for the bedroom furniture or chest of drawers as master bedroom furniture. This piece of furniture can be installed in almost any room in your home. A well-designed chest of drawers can bring a more elegant look into your home. You will definitely find it a valuable addition to your household.